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" This book includes case studies from projects that use the Child-to-Child approach to work with children who are 0-5 years old. It also includes activity sheets on 6 health topics (Playing with young children Parts 1 & 2, Understanding Children's Feelings, A Place to Play, Feeding Young Children 1 & 2) that can be used to work with children in their early years." Suggested Level: PR (Professional)
Topics: HDV, HDV.PR, Early childhood education, Case studies--Health, HMD, HMD.PR
A brochure that outlines the mission of Child to Child. Suggested Level: PR (Professional)
Topics: HDV, HDV.PR, Disease--prevention & control, HIV/AIDS--prevention, Sexual health, Disaster...
Resources for teachers and young girls about menstrual cycles.  Suggested Level: UP (Upper Primary)
Topics: HDV, HDV.UP, UP, C3, Menstrual cycle -- study and teaching